Yeva_Genevieve Lavlinski

As if writing, directing and producing Sand Snowman isn’t enough, Yeva adds her acting talents to the mix. Playing the role of Olga, Katya’s mother, Yeva delivers a multi-dimensional performance that commands the screen. Addition to the age changing performance of Olga, Yeva get a mini spotlight as the black-haired gypsy singer.




Mark Strohman

“When Mark showed up at the audition, sat down, looked at me and said, “What do you want me to do, Kid?” with his deep raspy tone; his attitude, his look and his voice told me right then and there he was the Kirilov I envisioned.”
Writer / Director – Yeva-Genevieve Lavlinski




Galina Manevich

Playing the role of Nadiya is Galina Manevich. Galina has shown such a great attraction to the character it seems to be written for her.




Mikki Padilla

Playing Mrs. Kirilova, the wife of the Mafia Kingpin, Mikki gives and amazing performance; cool, guarded and powerful at the same time. And stunningly beautiful as well.




Euguen Leon

Euguen Leon is set to play the role of Arcadiy Kirilov. Watching Euguen bring such an explosive performance amidst the turmoil of the character is magical. This pivotal role binds the movie and Euguen is perfect.



Jacob Garcher

Jacob Garcher plays the psychotic playboy Andrey to a tee. His ability to suddenly switch emotions and creating and playing-off the other cast members is amazing.




Jason Shannon

The sweet considerate character Vanya is perfectly fitted for the talented Jason Shannon. Jason’s portrayal is stop on!!!




Erin Solomon

The role of Katya has a huge range of emotional circumstances. To play this part the actress must be vulnerable, sweet, innocent, adventurous and most of all must have the ability to convey tragedy. Erin is that girl. She has bonded to the role perfectly and will be a memorable character of the silver screen.




Matthew Grathwol

Playing the part of Katya’s Doctor, Matthew has a tenderness and vulnerability to really bring out the sensitive side of the character.



Doug Mattingly

The handsome yet sinister role of 007 Agent goes to Doug Mattingly. Kirilov’s right hand man and father of Peter, this character is set to provide power and charm.




Charles Frank

Role of Peter was a difficult one. The actor needed to be tough and rugged yet vunerable and on edge internally. Charles Frank has truly captured this character.




Liz Bauer Liz is playing Katya’s neighbor who is the salt of the earth.




Smokey Miles
The role of Stepan was a difficult one to consider in casting. Ultimately we were looking for the Peter Ustinov character for Topkapi. A person who could be lovable yet bumbling. Smokey Miles came in for another role but as soon as we saw his lovable personality we knew he was the right man.





Vic Pernik

Playing the role of the Ex-Con, Vic provides an intense backdrop to Olga’s wild party. He is a gentle giant that solidifies a vital scene, we are happy to have him aboard.




Georg Antony
Georg Antony’s ability to show vulnerability is why he is perfect for Sand Snowman. Playing the tragic role of Katya’s father Georg masterfully creates an everlasting image of a father torn.





Duka Sokoli

Usually when a tall, handsome and warm actor comes in for an audition for a certain part, they just insist for that certain part. When I offered him to try out for another part, not as elegant but still very cool, he took it and performed brilliantly. He admitted he loved the part and I couldn’t have found someone better than Duka for the part of Handsome Hooligan.






Rob Ditoro The powerful character of Fedor goes to Rob Ditoro. Rob’s personal demeanor and life experience is a fantastic match to the character.



Sand Snowman_Yeva_and_Jazz_Scribes_3x5_smJazz Scribes

Taking classical Russian folk songs – Ochi Chernya and Snegurocha the Jazz Scribes have amped them up into fun pieces specifically for Sand Snowman. The Jazz Scribes consist of Buddy Sampson, musical director and bassist, Scott Yanow on saxophone, clarinet and melodica and Richard Ginell on keyboards. The current configuration consists of guest member Ted Schumacher on trumpet, who performs with Louie Prima Jr. The core members are widely published writers and journalists. Buddy Sampson is the Publisher of The Scoop LA. Formerly the Scoop Newspaper, The Scoop LA, is a staple of the entertainment community.  Scott Yanow is a world-renowned journalist and musician that have written 11 books on jazz, including “The Great Jazz Guitarists.” Richard Ginell is a widely known journalist that writes classical reviews for the Los Angeles Times. He was a music critic for the Los Angeles Daily News for 12 years and has contributed to the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Variety, among several publications.