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Writer / Director: Yeva-Genevieve Lavlinski

Yeva-Genevieve Lavlinski, Russian born, successfully graduated Art and Law Schools before coming to Southern California after the fall of the USSR, to follow her dream of creating the magic of motion pictures in Hollywood. Since becoming a member of Screen Actors Guild, Yeva has been working on her creative writing skills in English and has registered three feature-film scripts with Writers Guild of America. Her filmmaker debut, Sand Snowman, was inspired by the lives of people lost in the half regime at the end of the Soviet Empire and the rise of New Russians.

Sand Snowman is the reflection of true events that penetrated my soul. But more so, it gives the viewer the chance to cherish the importance of life and loved.

Executive Producer: Paul Hamilton Molinsky Sand_Snowman_Executive_Producer_Paul_Hamilton_Molinsky
Originally from London, England, Paul has been living in Southern California since the age of seven. Paul is a 25 year professional photographer, as well as a senior practitioner of Stephen K. Hayes To-Shin Do (Modern Day Ninjutsu), Co-author of Secrets of the Canvas.

When Yeva sent me the first draft of Sand Snowman, it struck a chord inside of me. The tragedy of a simple wish, the love of a mother, cascading into emptiness and dispair juxtaposed to the triumph of sacrifice of a mother’s love was truly touching. I knew right away I was in this one (Sand Snowman) for the long haul.