As in all great endeavors worth taking; time, commitment, vision, drive, talent and desire are the force behind result. However, without a simple truth of reality, all could remain in the mind of the creator and the profound message left unheard. This simple truth is that the modern world revolves around funding.

This dream of ours is not possible without the aid. When we first began this project we had in my mind that we would love to create an atmosphere of amazing individuals working as a cohesive positive unit and that there will be no compromise on the final quality of the film.

Needless to say, to have such a quality cinematographer and crew and actors and not compromise in any aspects of the film, we need financial support.
Investment can come in many forms, from locations, camera equipment, and lighting to financial support. In order to complete this dream from shooting, editing, websites and promoting Sand Snowman for festival consideration, we are targeting a budget of $45,000 USD.

With that said, my truest wishes are for you to be a part of this project with me.
We appreciate any help and support in any amount. In recognition, a hierarchical scale for film participation and screen credit has been established.
Investment/Screen Credit Levels
$15,000 – Producer
$10,000 – Co-Producer
$5,000 – Associate Producer

Endlessly thankful,

Yeva-Genevieve Lavlinski
Writer / Director

Paul Hamilton Molinsky
Executive Producer